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#LessIsMoreNY Coalition Convenes at the Capitol Demanding Lawmakers Overhaul New York State’s Broken Parole System

The Recent Deaths of Layleen Polanco and Jose Rivera on Rikers Island Spotlight the Urgent Need to Close the Facility

As the Session Comes to a Close this Week, Albany Must Act Immediately


Katal members and leaders working #LessIsMoreNY in the Assembly Chamber at the Capitol.


Today members and leaders of the #LessIsMoreNY coalition were at the Capitol demanding that lawmakers immediately overhaul New York’s deeply broken, and racially unjust parole system by passing the Less is More: Community Supervision Revocation Reform Act (S.1343B – Benjamin / A.5493A – Mosley). This transformative parole legislation would reduce jail and prison populations; support people who are subject to community supervision in the reentry process; promote safety and justice for families and communities; and save taxpayers money.

Parole reform is critically important to reduce the population on Rikers and expedite the closing of the facility. For decades, Rikers has upheld its notorious reputation for abuse and deep neglect of people incarcerated on the Island. Within the last two weeks alone, two tragic deaths occurred – Layleen Polanco Xtravaganza and Jose Rivera (who was reincarcerated for a technical violation of parole). Following their deaths, footage surfaced online of a parole officer threatening 45 days of imprisonment for people using their cellphones in a Manhattan waiting room where they wait to make mandatory meetings with their parole officers. Last month, a scandalous report released by the Gothamist detailed several allegations of Administrative Law Judges being pressured to put people on parole behind bars for minor technical violations of parole.


In the halls of the Capitol working to pass #LessIsMoreNY alongside members of #PasstheCCPA.


Rikers Island and New York’s parole system are exceedingly broken and inadequate. The increasing number of people detained for state parole violations in New York City’s jails is slowing the closure of the City’s toxic jails on Rikers Island. Passage of the Less Is More Act is essential to reducing the population on Rikers, finally shuttering Rikers Island, and reducing the overall detention footprint in New York City.


Cedric Fulton, and Donna Hylton – leading the #LessIsMoreNY Campaign – discuss updates on the bill with bill sponsor, Assemblyman Walter T. Mosley.


Lawmakers in Albany must pass the Less Is More parole reform bill to stop people from being unjustly reincarcerated for technical violations and swiftly bring about the closure of Rikers once and for all.


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